Monday, December 5, 2016

Current Affairs: #NoDAPL and the Media

Here we are, in the now.
The world is always scrambling to figure out just what the hell is going on, in the local realm, the national realm, the global realm, and the intergalactic realm (regarding the wingnuts). Today, the news is addressing the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. The headlines say the Army Corps of Engineers has denied granting the necessary permits to finish constructing the now infamous section of pipeline that was planned to be installed beneath the Missouri River. These reports have led way to everything between celebration and skepticism for anyone who is emotional or financial investment stake impacted by the pipeline and the protests. As a person who is interested in media and social trends, I produced this video as a social commentary:

After the video was officially created and uploaded, I searched the Facebook for #DAPL. Any public post made within the most recent two hours received an embedded link to this video in the "comments" thread. I received an interesting variety of responses. Here are a few examples:

So, with logical fallacies abound, I run back into the wild thickets of The Internet, to frolic in the digital bushes like a giddy armadillo with a cranium full of humorous contemplation. If you've read your way through to the end of this post, I recommend you use the button below to make a donation. I'm pretty much broke right now, and although I wonder why, I recognize my broken wallet is only temporary.

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