Sunday, October 30, 2016

Experiments in Progress

I've been on the streets and in the parks of San Fran for almost all of a few days. It's been a wild ride. I left Florida nearly four months ago. I was only in Florida three months, coming from an eight months stent of adventuring in Tennessee with my motorcycle. I think Sheryl Crow said it best: “Every day is a winding road.”
I'm making a lot of eye contact with hundreds, possibly thousands, of unique and sometimes intense windows to the soul each day in this city. I catch a lot of people looking at me already by the time my eyes meet theirs. Sometimes they give me some sort of coy facial greeting from afar, and some times they shift their ocular focus away from me, which is a kinetic expression in itself. Some people intentionally keep from making eye contact with me, although I can tell they're watching me from their peripheral. The most interesting people, to me, are the ones who engage in mutual eyeball exchanges in synchronicity with our existential rhythm, despite our total non-relationship. Its these people that seem to me to be most genuine, regardless whether they are kind or predatory, or perhaps a little of both.

This city is alive. Yuppies, junkies, hippies, punk rockers, goths, gays, geniuses, fools, some angry, some generous, some confused, some determined or defiant, and everyone is expressing themselves in some way or another, and support and encouragement are abound. Communal circles overlap like an ever-expanding Venn Diagram; The Flower of Life.

***One Week Later***

I'm still in San Francisco. This city is a throbbing pustule of diverse weirdness. I've been exploring the city for hours, sometimes even days without catching a break from the surreal vibrations radiated by nearly every person, sidewalk square, structure or machine I come into visual contact or mental engagement with.
When I'm not openly wandering, stepping with synchronicity in search of smiles and abundance of prosperity, I sit in coffee shops and libraries, exploiting accessible power outlets. Where ever I find myself, I've been taking time to read any good books I can get my hands on.
As the cards have fallen, I'm currently sitting on a bench next to Pier 14, between the Bay Bridge and Ferry Plaza, writing this pulpless material you're sucking in to your mind from somewhere in the relative future.
Here it is, I'm thinking. I'm wasting my time writing yet another first entry for yet another pointless blog for the vicarious-curious to lower their brow and scratch their head about. Perhaps this will be the blog to persist and be my random vent when my other endevours seem stagnent.
***One Week Later***

Yet another week has passed, and I'm still getting the same high from wandering, exploring, and existing in and around the city. I don't feel like this post is complete, especially not for being a fist post, but I need to break the habit of hoarding unpublished words until I gain a sense of completion which will never come. Instead, I am going to experiment with fostering new practices of publishing thoughts as words as often as they come, before they go stale sitting in my mind, so long as I am granted to do so, as digital opportunities are sometimes hard to come by out on the city streets or along lonesome rural roads.

I love you all, readers, and wish you happy trails until the next time our minds converge in the digital hyperspace that is this blog, The Perpetual Transmutation of Radiant Energy, which I am excited to have finally birthed for all to enjoy.


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